National Granite Title Insurance Agency, Inc. is a full-service title insurance and research firm. Since 1995, National Granite has been providing its clients with Title Insurance and related real estate services for all types of commercial and residential transactions. We are committed to delivering accurate, detailed information with the highest service quality and professionalism.


National Granite has a staff of Attorneys and Title Professionals with years of experience in Real Estate -- Experts who are available to answer your real estate questions and assist in resolving Title issues. Our commitment to our clients is to provide professional, expedient and courteous service.  All our work is done in-house.

Uncompromising commitment to Expertise - Professionalism - Security - Service

As Qualified Intermediaries since 1995, National Granite 1031 Services, Inc. has assisted clients through all types of 1031 Exchanges nationwide. Our seasoned experts in tax code regulations provide personal attention tailored to our clients' needs.

National Granite Title is committed to helping our clients stay up to date with the latest information, trends and tools in the Real Estate Industry.


National Granite prioritizes and continually reviews, invests and deploys tools and programs to ensure that your transactions are secure. Our staff is required to participate in security seminars and adhere to strict security requirements set by us, our underwriters and state and federal guidelines.


Since National Granite’s inception in 1995, we have focused on being the best title insurance resource for all our clients. Realizing that the real estate climate continually evolves, we pride ourselves by striving and being able to provide the residential and commercial real estate community with expertise and products that suit their needs. By establishing a strong footprint in the industry, National Granite looks forward to continuing its commitment to excellence and future growth.


Our commitment to our clients is represented by the dedicated and seasoned professionals on our staff. We are determined to deliver an excellent product, be an industry resource, provide accurate in depth information, and be a leader in our industry.

first american title
2024 NYDFS NYCRR 500 Badge

National Granite Title has implemented a Title and Settlement Information Security Program and meets the information security requirements of 23 NYCRR 500 under New York State DFS regulations. SCA has determined that National Granite has all the necessary administrative and technical controls in place to safeguard the security and privacy of customer and other sensitive data it processes.

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